With infinite possibilities for catastrophe if handled incorrectly, rigging projects can be a complex venture.  Whether your project involves moving a two-ton piece of medical equipment through a high-rise’s window in the middle of a busy downtown area or moving an entire factory and assembly line across the world, Rowe Transfer is the rigging company for the job.  Our team of professionals not only utilizes the very latest technology and equipment to complete the job, but they work with ingenuity and dedication to successfully complete your project.


Benefits of Rowe Transfer's rigging service

  • Benefits of Rowe Transfer’s rigging services:Experience: We have decades of combined experience in-house to ensure that no matter the difficulty of your project or the hoops it may present, we can overcome them.

    Equipment:  Each rigging project we do is unique, so our solutions must follow suite.  Having the right tools and equipment on hand to complete the job is a requirement.  We have a wide variety of heavy machinery, tools, and equipment that allow us to be prepared for any project given to us, no matter how big or small.

    Technology:  Rigging projects can be extremely complex; Rowe Transfer utilizes the latest technologies to reduce the chances for error within your project.  Completing your project as efficiently and safely as possible is our goal.

    In-house engineers: Our in-house engineering staff will work closely with you throughout your project to assure that your project will run competently.

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