Rowe Transfer out on a rigging job in South Knoxville, TN.

Shifting into High Gear: An Interview with Eleanor Joice, Rowe Client

Rowe Transfer owner Dan Kaman has been riding and racing bicycles his whole life.  Therefore, when the he received a call about relocating equipment for a bicycle building company from Cleveland, Tennessee, to a Knoxville, Tennessee, he was happy to oblige. We conducted an interview with Eleanor Joice, owner of the bicycle company, about the purchase, the move, and how Rowe Transfer saved the day.

How did you get started with cycling? ‌

I have always ridden bikes, but I did not start getting serious about them until I was in college at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. After I graduated from UTK with a degree in Environmental Studies, I was unable to find a job in the area. So instead, my friend and I embarked on quite a large bike trip. A 4,216-mile bike trip, in fact. We rode the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, which runs from the West to East Coast of the United States and takes approximately 90 days. The trail began in 1973 as a way to celebrate the United States’ 200th birthday and continues to be a popular cycling route today. Since I did the TransAmerica, I fell in love with cycling and have not stopped; it has become my main hobby. Many of my most important relationships have come from the cycling community, including my husband, Chris.

What brought you back to Knoxville after the TransAmerica?

When I was riding through Colorado, I was wearing a Tomato Head shirt and a guy came up to me, noticing the shirt. He just happened to be the senior manager of an environmental company in Knoxville, Tennessee. When I returned home after my trip, I reached out, and he gave me a job. Today, I still do environmental consulting in Knoxville.

So, you bought a bicycle company?

Ha-ha, yes! In 2017, I purchased equipment for a bicycle building company, taking my love of bicycling to the next level.  My goal is to open a local bicycle building company in the near future. What I purchased was a bunch of equipment from Cysco Cycles in Cleveland, Tennessee. I bought a vertical mill, welder, drill presses, and precision tools for building bicycles. Once the equipment was purchased, I realized the equipment was impossible for me to move on my own, especially the vertical mill, which must be moved using extreme caution. After calling several companies, I soon realized that no one wanted to help me move because the equipment needed such care.

What did you do to get the equipment moved to Knoxville?

I had reached out to various moving companies, all who said they don’t move equipment like I had purchased. I was starting to feel stuck. Then, I called a towing company, and that is when they gave me Rowe Transfer’s number. When I reached out to Rowe, I discovered that the owner, Dan Kaman, and I happened to have a lot of similar cycling friends. We continued talking, and eventually Rowe Transfer became my solution. They would move my equipment, no problem. I was floored and relieved.

How did the move with Rowe Transfer go?

On pretty short notice, Dan Kaman, Ken, and a few others came out rigged, crated, and transported everything in one day! Even the vertical mill, which required so much precision and weighs at least a ton, was moved in one day. All the heavy equipment was carefully placed into the facility that I have for the bicycle building company. When the move was complete, I decided to rent warehouse space from Rowe Transfer for a few months while I got the shop set up. Everything went so smoothly with Rowe, and even the owner showed up, which I consider to be a sign that Rowe truly cares about the work that they do.

What’s next?

After the move and storage, the shop is pretty much set up. Currently, I work full time and am working on the shop when I can. My plan is to eventually get the company up and running. I won’t let you in on all the secrets, but we plan on building custom, titanium, and steel bicycles for trails, road, gravel, and bikepacking. We are excited for this to be here in Knoxville.

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