Whether you’re moving your business across town or you need valuable equipment shipped across the world, we know you’ve got some concerns about keeping your cargo safe.

Your shipment, no matter if it’s your own equipment or a delivery to a valuable customer, must be protected in order to keep your business running and your customers happy. But so many issues can arise when a shipment requires special attention or circumstances, especially when it’s traveling across country or internationally.

With more than 100 years of experience shipping custom crates across the country and all over the world, we can help address these common crate shipping problems before they impact your business. With Rowe Transfer, the headache of custom crating and transportation logistics can be a thing of the past.

  • Items are damaged during handling or shipping

This is likely the most common shipping issue you’ve faced in your personal and professional life. We’ve all received packages in the mail where a part of our order was broken or damaged while it was in transit.

Conditions in the shipping stream can be rough, especially for sensitive pieces of equipment or fragile cargo. It’s best to have an experienced shipping professional expertly safeguard your cargo to dramatically reduce the risk of damage. With access to the latest in transportation technology, the frustration of dealing with damaged items can be significantly less of a problem.

  • Shipping costs are unreasonably high

Transporting goods, especially internationally, can be costly. One simple way to reduce a potentially hefty price tag is to schedule your shipment as far in advance as possible. Waiting until the last minute to make your plan can result in higher fees for expediting the shipment. Planning well in advance also gives you some freedom to reduce costs by splitting up your shipment if different items can arrive at later times.

Working with an expert team like Rowe Transfer can help reduce fees because we understand ways to reduce costs as much as possible.

  • Lack of knowledge about international shipping

Shipping from East Tennessee to almost anywhere in the country is a mostly simple process, outside of preventing your cargo from being damaged. Your crate shipments will most likely be loaded onto a truck that will arrive at their destination a few days later. International shipping, however, can be a much more complicated process.

There are customs requirements that may differ for specific countries, as well as forms to complete and shipping times to communicate with recipients. However, working with a shipping and crating company like Rowe Transfer and our team of experts can take the responsibility of trying to understand international shipping needs so you can trust your goods will arrive to their foreign destinations.

  • Shipping route disruptions

Once your shipment departs for its destination, you have very little control over what happens to it beyond that. But there are a multitude of different forces that can affect your shipment, including natural disasters, political unrest in other countries, and most recently, pandemics.

At Rowe Transfer, logistics is one of our specialties, whether it’s transporting freight across town or shipping crates across the world. Our team monitors events all over the world and how they may impact or delay shipping, as well as monitors changes in shipping requirements at home and abroad.

  • Cargo packed incorrectly

Securing your valuable shipment is a challenge any time. Add to it the uniquely shaped cargo, and this can become a significant challenge.

The key is creating shipping crates that fit the exact specifications of what you need. That means custom crating and packing to provide the greatest amount of protection and security.

  • Using poor quality packing materials

This point is built on the previous one, but it’s just as important. No matter how well your crate is secured, using packing materials that insufficiently protect your shipment will likely result in damaged cargo.

That’s why it’s imperative to use the latest and highest quality packing materials. At Rowe Transfer, we develop crating solutions that are made to prevent damage during transport, even if your shipment is multi-shaped or otherwise difficult to secure. 

  • Lost items

Along with receiving a damaged product, this is also among the most common problems in sending and receiving packages. And if you’re on the sending end, your shipment can feel like it’s drifting away into a logistics abyss.

With Rowe Transfer, however, we track your package so you can keep up with where your shipment is throughout its journey. In the unlikely event a problem occurs, this allows us to address the issue and identify where your assets can be found so we can get them back en route to their destination.

  • Harsh environmental conditions along the shipping route

This can be a major problem, especially for shipments traveling internationally by ocean transport. But precautions like our vapor barrier system can help ensure that sensitive items are protected.

  • Shipping hazardous materials

Shipping hazardous materials is a challenge all unto itself and requires multiple rules and regulations to be in compliance.  An experienced crating and shipping company like Rowe Transfer can help you understand the complicated rules for packaging and handling hazardous materials and navigate the related paperwork so that you don’t break any rules or regulations in moving your materials.

Custom Crating Company in Knoxville, TN

If your company needs custom crating, it is important to use the right crating equipment that allows you to protect your shipment no matter its destination. Here at Rowe Transfer, we have all the equipment necessary for building the custom crating you need, as well as moving heavy equipment as safely and efficiently as possible. Our team of crating and rigging professionals has decades of in-house experience and utilizes the latest technology and equipment to complete the job. We will work closely with you to design your crating project and smoothly implement it. To start your next crating project, reach out to us today at 865-523-0421 or online.