Moving Anything, Anywhere

In 1883, Rowe Transfer started providing transportation services to the booming Knoxville, TN, industrial scene. 

All this time later, and our transportation services are still one of the cores of our business.

Whether you need equipment moved across the country or a small amount of product delivered in town, Rowe Transfer has you covered.  We specialized in loads that are too big or difficult for other transportation companies and can use refrigerated trailers when needed.  Rowe Transfer’s in-house engineering department can assist you every step of your move from planning to execution.  We have thoroughly trained, professional drivers with excellent track records, allowing you the peace of mind that your shipment will arrive on time and undamaged.  Additionally, we maintain our own fleet of trucks and trailers, so we can be confident that we have the right equipment available for your project when it is needed.

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