Moving a business’s heavy equipment and machinery is stressful, whether it’s across the warehouse or across the state.

There are several things to consider in preparation for moving heavy equipment, so use this quick guide to empower you to know you made the right plan for the needs of your business.


Don’t let this step seems obvious. Moving heavy equipment for your business will likely take more steps than you realize. A detailed plan is key for your team to all be on the same page and for everyone to better understand what’s needed for the logistics of the move.

This will also be the first step toward knowing what pieces of equipment should be moved first, the transportation logistics of such a move, and what responsibilities should be delegated among your team.

Set a budget

Cost is a major concern when moving heavy machinery, and setting a budget is critical for your seamless transition to a new facility or location. Once a budget is set, it’s time to consider hiring a professional industrial equipment moving company. These companies offer different packages and rates, so do some research to see what best fits your needs.

Hire a reliable and experienced moving company

With an organized plan and budget in place, you are ready to find a moving company. Here are some keys to consider.

  • Licensing and Insurance
    • If a heavy equipment moving company is licensed and insured, be sure the insurance they carry will sufficiently cover any mistakes that might happen to your heavy equipment during a move.
  • Safety Ratings
    • Take the time to look up a moving company’s safety rating through the US Department of Transportation.
  • Reviews
    • Experiences with past clients will give great insight into what working with a company will be like for you and your business.
  • Moving Equipment and Tools
    • You need to know what rigging, warehousing, crating and overall transportation capabilities a company has to ensure it can fulfill your needs.

Inspect you equipment/machinery

Once you’ve chosen a company, take inventory of the equipment you have and its condition. You can hire a field engineer to inspect your machinery, allowing you to plan for the needs of each piece of equipment.

Create a schedule

Like your pre-planning, creating a schedule and communicating it with your team and your moving company will allow for a more efficient move and a smoother transition back into normal operations.

On moving day

There should be little left to do on the day of the move outside a final heavy equipment inspection. Be sure to have someone on site who is familiar with the plan for each piece of machinery and knows the individual parts that will be moved separately.

Moving Heavy Machinery and Equipment in Knoxville, TN

You need a partner during this transition who can plan and work with your needs and within your budget. Rowe Transfer has over 100 years of experience in industrial manufacturing equipment relocation and business relocation, and we’re ready to work with you. Contact us today at 865-523-0421 or toll-free at 1-888-377-ROWE (7693) to find out how we can make your business relocation smooth, safe, and trouble-free.