The means in which you should ship something depends on what it is that you are shipping. Pallets and crates are both ways of preparing a shipment, but they should each be used in different situations. Although many people tend to use these terms interchangeably, they each have unique characteristics that set them apart from each other. Pallets and crates are used for shipping and storing items, and they are both often made out of wood. They can each also be made out of industrial plastic or metal if necessary. So now the question is, how do they each differ, and when should they be used?

Shipping with Pallets

Pallets are the most widely utilized means of storing and shipping freight. This is because of their versatility and easy mobility. Pallets have both a top and bottom deck on either side of their support beams, meaning they can be easily loaded and unloaded with a forklift. These features also make pallets very stable and easy to stack after loaded with freight. A pallet can typically support a load that weighs up to around 2,200 pounds. The standard size of a pallet is 48 inches by 40 inches, but custom pallets can be created as well to suit your needs. Because of the presence of a bottom deck, pallets cannot be easily dragged due to the increased friction. This can be an advantage because it adds to the high stability of this shipping method, but the inability to drag can also make pallets less maneuverable than skids.

Pallets are the most convenient option for racking because the bottom deck increases the freight’s resistance to falling. The bottom deck also provides an even distribution of weight and added stability, making pallets a great choice when you want to be able to stack loads of freight. Pallets are most commonly used for items in transit and storage.

Shipping with Crates

While pallets and skids provide only a base for freight to sit on, crates are boxes that surround the load on all six sides. Crates have four walls, a floor, and a top to provide the highest level of protection for your freight. With custom crating, custom crates are built with to the exact specifications needed for your load. This opens up the realm of shipping possibilities for you. You are not limited to the size, shape, or volume of what you can ship. A custom crate can be designed to hold a large volume of items or one very large singular item. Custom crates are also very stable due to their physical design.

The sturdiness and stability of crates makes them ideal for stacking during both storage and transportation. They can be used for any type of freight. Crates are especially useful for freight that needs to be securely stored because of the protection they provide on all sides.  

Custom Crating and Transportation Services in East Tennessee

The type of freight you are shipping will determine which shipping method you will want to use. However, custom crating is almost always useful no matter what you are shipping. Custom crates are built to your specifications and can be used to keep your freight safe and secure during transportation and storage.

Here at Rowe Transfer in Knoxville, TN, we have the expertise necessary to meet all your custom crating and transportation needs. We can answer all your questions about choosing between pallets, skids, and crates, and we have an in-house crating facility that can build any size crate that you need. We can also use vapor barriers and other protective services to keep your shipment as safe as possible. Once your freight is packaged, we can store it for you in our warehouse until you are ready to ship it. We also offer transportation services and can move your freight wherever it needs to go, whether it’s in town or across the country. If you are ready to start the shipping process, reach out to us today at 865-523-0421 or request a quote.