With a newly expanded crating department, our staff has a bit more elbow room to be able to take on the frequently massive projects that come through. It comes in handy, as you can see in the photos of this cyclotron crating project that we recently completed.

Together, the boxes in the photo series contain over 40,000 lbs. of equipment, including computers and other electronics, cooling cabinets, and, the heaviest by far, the radiation shielding for the cyclotron. All sensitive electronics are encased within a vacuum sealed vapor barrier and properly secured to ensure that they will not be damaged during transport. The crates for the radiation shielding (photos of which are also in the series) absolutely must be built with numerous reinforcements, just to support their weight. A casual glance at the outside of the crate shows some of that reinforcement on the bottom of the skids. Everything on the crates must be as sturdy as possible not only to prevent damage, but also for ease of transport.

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Cyclotron crating project, Rowe Transfer, Inc.