Here in the Rowe Transfer crating department, we deal with highly sensitive, often extraordinarily heavy and cumbersome equipment on a near daily basis. When units such as a cyclotron, a device in which charged atomic and subatomic particles are accelerated by an alternating electric field while following an outward spiral or circular path in a magnetic field come into the shop, we have to take extra precautions and be on the top of our game in order to develop safe and secure packaging that will ensure that the unit will make it to its final destination in perfect condition.

From the initial securing of the unit and its radiation shields in the crate, to protective wrapping and securing the crated unit in the trailer for transport, our in house team of engineers and craftsmen work to develop a custom solution for each unit. Take a moment to scroll through the photo gallery below to see more about how a project such as this progresses through our shop, and be sure to get in touch with us if we can answer any questions about how we can help manage your large or sensitive shipment!

Packing and Shipment of Radiation Shields and Cyclotron Device