We took some time to interview Missy Hoskins, Administrative Assistant at Rowe Transfer. Our conversation was filled with laughter as we talked about her work and Xylophobia.  Missy’s laughter is contagious, and we guarantee that any time spent with her will have you smiling and laughing as well.

How did you start working with Rowe Transfer?

I was hired at Rowe Transfer a little over a year ago, on January 22, 2018. When I was looking for a job, a friend recommended that I try looking online. I started with the website Indeed.com, found the job, applied, and have been working with Rowe Transfer ever since.

What are your favorite parts of the job?

The people at Rowe Transfer are the best part of the job, as they are supportive and fun. We all seem to truly get along. While I was on the phone with you, one of my co-workers jumped out and scared another co-worker. That’s just how it is here! Another great part of the job is the laid-back environment. At the same time, I am always busy, and there is never a dull moment. I was hired for the position without having been an Administrative Assistant before. I love to challenge myself, and I certainly am in this position!

What is challenging about your job?

The learning curve in the job is challenging at times. This profession is completely different than anything I have ever done. It is my first time being in the business world, as well. I am grateful for Vickie, my boss, as she is the person I go to when I have questions.

What did you do prior to working at Rowe Transfer?

I worked at 911 for twelve years doing a little bit of everything, including being a call processor and educator for new hires. There are a lot of stories that I could tell you about that job, and I learned a lot about dealing with the general public. For example, I learned how to remain calm in stressful situations. When people call in to 911, they are usually upset and oftentimes they are yelling. Learning to remain calm is huge. I found the quieter that I got, the more people listened. I dealt with emergencies and frequent prank calls to 911. After leaving the job at 911, I spent time working at Windrock, a 4-wheeler campground, in Oliver Springs, Tennessee.

What would you say to anyone wanting to go into this career?

Go for it! Just jump in and do it. I have used this mentality with any job that I have done in my life, and it is also my mentality with life as well. Working is just another opportunity to have adventure in life.

How do you relax after a hard day of work?

I love to hang out with my kids, grandkids, family, and friends. I like to camp and really like to read, but do not always find the time to do so. When I do read, I am specifically fond of fiction and non-fiction murder mysteries. One of my favorite collections are the books by Dr. Bass, the forensic anthropologist and founder of the Body Farm in Knoxville.

Last question, what is Xylophobia?

I get a lot of teasing because I have a fear of things on a stick, Xylophobia. The funny thing, too, is that I love corn dogs, but cannot eat them on a stick due to my fear. Someone must take the corn dog off my stick for me, so that I can eat it. I don’t eat popsicles, either.  I also do not like spaghetti, it bothers me as well.

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At Rowe Transfer, Missy Hoskins is a vibrant and integral part of our team. We value her hard work, dedication, and commitment to making sure our office is running smoothly and efficiently. If you’re interested in a career with a company that has a long history of caring about its employees, contact us online or fill out an online application today.