When you need to move industrial machinery, finding the right transportation can be a challenge, especially if this will be your first time hiring a transportation company. If you’ve just recently purchased industrial machinery, plan on doing so, or need to relocate your industrial manufacturing operation to a new location, there are a few helpful pointers that can help ensure that your machinery is transported, delivered, and placed with care, precision, and safety that we’d like to share with you.

Safety Record

When you’re rigging and transporting massive machinery, one overlooked safety observance can be fatal. Working with a company with an impeccable safety record and that has acute safety measures in place will ensure that all workers involved stay safe and that your equipment isn’t damaged. The US Department of Transportation maintains several websites that provide access to valuable safety information on transportation companies operating in all 50 states.


Speaking of safety, finding a transportation company with enough insurance to cover your industrial machinery will ensure that you are covered, even if there is an accident or damage to your property. Freight carriers are required to have a certain level of insurance for heavy loads or oversized loads, but you should ensure that the company you hire has enough to cover your machinery in the event of an unpreventable accident.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects you should look for when searching for a transportation to move industrial machinery, or anything important for that matter, is the company’s experience. No industrial transport job is ever the same, but the greater the experience an organization has with moving equipment under unique situations, the more you can trust they know the basic practices that will equate to a successful move.

Internal Requirements

Are you moving a commercial refrigeration unit? A CNC machine? How far is it being shipped? What mode of transportation does your machinery need? By beginning with your own internal requirements, your organization will be better equipped to hire the right industrial mover.


Typically, in business, a company’s reputation proceeds them. This stands true about 99% of the time, so ensure the company you decide to work with has a solid reputation for efficiently moving industrial machinery. Additionally, being able to complete the job is just one facet of choosing an industrial transport company. Find a company that is credible and has an excellent reputation for being easy to work with, responsive, and knowledgeable.


Furthermore, you should ensure that the rigging company you are working on is in line with the budget your company has set out. Budgeting for your industrial machinery transportation may be difficult, but an experienced rigging company can offer help when trying to calculate your heavy machinery transportation project cost.

Industrial Machinery Transportation

Rowe Transfer resolutely offers a check mark for each of the areas that are important to consider when choosing an industrial machinery transportation company to safely and efficiently complete your project. Our 130-year history in the rigging, warehousing, and transportation industries speaks for itself with hundreds of satisfied clients that will attest to our customer-focused reputation, safety, and reliability. Contact us today by calling 865-523-0421 or online HEREto discuss the facts about your industrial transportation project and discover how we help you transport industrial machinery safely and with minimal downtime.