Recently, our rigging team spent some time with the folks at Ultimate Tool in Clinton, Tennessee, working on the storage, transport, and setup of a Haas VM2 vertical milling machine in their shop. Though the equipment isn’t especially large or complex (at least not compared to what we’re used to; click HERE for an example), the project itself was unique in that it highlighted one of the key ways in which our team can save clients time and money. Rather than have our setup crew on site waiting for the truck with the equipment to show up, our warehouse staff took delivery of this unit for the client, storing it until it was ready for installation. At that point, our professional logistics team loaded and transported the unit to its final destination, where our expert installation crew was ready to place the unit, eliminating costly downtime for the client!

We used a 15KLB Dieci All-Terrain Reach Lift to move the equipment over uneven ground into the facility, then an assortment of smaller tools to move the unit through the facility and into its final destination. You can view some photos from the project below and see just how intricate moving something so large through a building can be!

If you have a large piece of equipment that will need to be installed down the line, we’d love to hear from you. Our unique ability to not only transport and place large equipment, but also our capability to store it for extended lengths of time, can save you both time and money, and the knowledge that our expertly trained staff is in control every step of the way will give you peace of mind in knowing that your project will be completed satisfactorily! Click HERE or call 1-888-377-ROWE (7693) today to get started!

Rowe Transfer, Inc. Haas VM2 Vertical Milling Machine setup