Answer…Call Rowe Transfer

Last week, we were asked to do a job that’s not in our typical wheelhouse of services.  We received a call from Ferguson’s, whom we work with regularly, to help move a Sub-Zero refrigerator into a third-floor loft in the historic Emory Place district of Knoxville.  Since the refrigerator was unable to be maneuvered through the building, it had to be brought in through a window.  So, they called us!  We hurried out to access the situation, found it to be doable, and went to work on getting everything prepped and ready for the job.

We were able to use a Dieci forklift with a modified boom to raise the refrigerator to the third-floor window.  Once we had it lifted, we had to get it through the window.  This required having a contractor remove the window panes and from there we were able to slowly guide the refrigerator into the loft.  While we’re making this sound easy, our guiding process consisted of a lot of your lefts and my rights via walkie-talkie between a crew member upstairs and our forklift driver.  When the job was finished, the refrigerator was happily nestled into its kitchen nook, and we had completed another successful project.

At Rowe Transfer we love what we do, and even smaller tasks, such as this job, are a reminder that every project we do is different.  Have a machine we could move for you?  Let us do the heavy lifting!  Give us a call at 865-523-0421 or toll-free at 1-888-377-ROWE (7693) or contact us HERE.