Moving your heavy equipment or machinery can be a nerve-racking process.

Even when you work with an experienced rigging and transportation logistics partner, moving your valuable equipment is more than enough to keep you awake the night before. At Rowe Transfer, we understand how important your vehicle, machinery, and other equipment are to the success of your business. That’s why we want to do everything we can to ease your mind ahead of moving your heavy equipment.

To help you prepare, here’s a quick checklist to make sure you and your equipment are ready for the move when the day arrives. Preparing your heavy equipment for its transport will not only help to keep it safe, but it will also protect the professionals caring for its shipping process.

1. Check the manual

Sometimes, the best place to start is with the instructions. Check your equipment or vehicle manual to see what instructions it lays out for transportation. The manual may have specific instructions unique to your equipment and could provide a checklist specific to its needs. If you no longer have the manual to your machine, you can contact the manufacturer or probably find a digital copy online.

2. Be sure the necessary permits are obtained

This is an easy step that if overlooked can turn your move into a frustrating mess. Communicate with your logistics specialist to be sure you have all the necessary permits you need to complete your move. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you need to be sure you have all your bases covered, especially with permits to move your equipment legally.

3. Cover vulnerable parts

Depending on the type of equipment that needs to be moved, sensitive gear may be exposed to the elements during transport. Especially if inclement weather is predicted for moving day, you need to make sure vulnerable parts are covered and protected.

For construction equipment, an overlooked area you need to cover is the exhaust pipe. Covering this will prevent unwanted debris from floating down the pipe into your machine.

4. Prep the equipment

Our transportation experts at Rowe Transfer will walk you through the specific steps you’ll need to complete your move, but there are several steps you can go ahead and start to get your equipment ready.

  • Latch the doors and compartment covers

This simple step in preparation could make a big difference. A door flying open on a construction vehicle mid-transport could make your move a little more complicated. If the door or cover won’t latch, zip tie it shut.

  • Empty any fluids

This is a measure to protect your fuel lines and any other parts where fluids are needed for operation. In the winter months especially, draining fluids is a great way to defend against damage to the tanks and lines due to cold and freezing temperatures your machine may be exposed to during transport.

  • Wash the machine

Dirt and other debris can conceal and obscure points for handholds and tie-downs, so be sure and clean your equipment so everything can be secured in place. Also, excessive dirt and debris make it more difficult to notice new damage.

  • Secure all loose parts

This point may seem like it goes without saying, but it can easily be overlooked and leave you in a difficult or even dangerous situation during transport. Any loose part can become a problem while your equipment is being moved, so take the time to secure these parts.

5. Be prepared for pick-up and drop-off

With your equipment ready for transport, you’re all set for a successful move. The last step is to ensure your transportation logistics specialist can load your machine safely and securely. That means clear plenty of space around your equipment for the movers to access the machine, and have a wide-open space for drop off at the desired location. You’ll also want to make sure the ground where the equipment will be picked up and dropped off is as flat as possible.

A Transportation Company Ready to Move your Heavy Equipment

You’ve made a major investment in your valuable equipment, so it’s important to prepare your machinery for a smooth transfer. At Rowe Transfer, we understand just how important your equipment is to your company’s success, and that’s why we’ll create a detailed plan for the specific needs of your move and explain to you how to prep your equipment. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect, what to do in order to be ready, and know that you can trust your gear will reach its destination safely and securely.

Rowe Transfer has over a century of experience helping individuals and companies transport some of the largest machines on earth. We have the expert and knowledgeable staff, the heavy-duty equipment, and the trucks, logistics, and planning capabilities you need to move your valuable machinery and ensure that it arrives at its new destination safely and on time. Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about our transportation, rigging, crating, and warehousing capabilities. You can reach us by phone at (865) 523-0421 or online at our contact page.