2022 is the year for big ideas. The conditions are right, and you’re finally ready to put your dreams into action and make the next big leap for your business. For some industries, big ideas translate into new technology or increased production. These products can sometimes be difficult to transport, store, or ship out.  That’s where your friends at Rowe Transfer come in. In 2022, our “new year’s resolution” is to provide you with a high quality one-stop-shop for all things rigging, crating, warehousing and transportation. If you need to move what feels like a mountain, we’re the company to call.

Inefficiencies in the Supply Chain Industry

“The Extra Mile”, as we like to call it, is Rowe Transfer’s response to the many problematic aspects of the supply chain industry. In the past two years, the need for increased supply chain efficiency has become incredibly urgent. While we were all stuck inside of our homes for the better part of a year and a half, the US eCommerce industry has essentially exploded. The need for shipping of large quantities of goods, as well as new technology has never been so important.

Due to this massive shift, many of the shortcomings of the supply chain industry have come to light, including increased freight prices, material scarcity, and port congestion.

Freight Pricing

Contrary to preconceived expectations, the increase in eCommerce sales has made it so that container shipping is incredibly vital to the survival of our economy. Because most companies were entirely unprepared for the possibility of a global pandemic, it has caused an insufficient amount of empty or available shipping containers. This shortage has made it so that the prices of freight transport of large items or sizable quantities of goods have skyrocketed, making the industry suffer. It has been reported that freight rates have jumped 240%.

Material Scarcity

Though it doesn’t impact the freight mobility directly, material scarcity is also becoming a large problem due to the pandemic. This issue is due to increased and unexpected demand for products, as well as a lack of availability when it comes to raw materials. For instance, there is currently a shortage on packing foam due to the increased need but packing foam manufacturers cannot ship their products out due to a shortage of shipping containers as well as overbooked transport workers. The system has not been streamlined enough to support the demand that the pandemic has created.

Port Congestion

Also due to the increased need to transport goods both overseas and within the country, supply chain workers are scrambling to find a solution to a combination of system breakdowns. Port congestion occurs when a ship or truck arrives at a port and cannot unload because a station is already at capacity. This obviously creates a variety of issues, including late delivery times and material shortages due to late deliveries.

Though these challenges affect the supply chain industry at large, the team at Rowe Transfer has decided to take part in solving some of these preexisting ineffective supply chain issues by creating a one-stop shop for all things relating to the transport of large-scale items.

What is “The Extra Mile”?

How do we plan to take on these industry challenges, you ask? Introducing “The Extra Mile”.

This is what we like to call our solution to all your potential transport problems. One of the most inefficient systems we’ve seen in our industry is the time wasted when consulting four to five different companies to get your item moved, crated, stored, and then finally transported. Our plan has one company, one estimate, and one contact. This streamlines the process significantly and allows for the creation of one plan for your large-scale items.

How Does “The Extra Mile” Work?

We know that no machinery or product movement plan is “easy” and that every job is different. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to have flexible equipment that can be molded to fit the job you require.

Our facility has the resources to rig, crate, store, and transport your equipment, making so that you only have to create one custom plan with one company. Let’s walk you through the typical process so that you gain an in depth look at what “The Extra Mile” can do for you.


The Rowe Transfer team specializes in the design and execution of rigging projects. In our eyes, this is where our creativity and ingenuity shines. We make sure that every project, big or small, is completed with the utmost safety and efficiency. Check out some of our articles on rigging to find out in depth how we execute these projects.


Next, after we have moved your item, you’ll probably need a crate to ship it in. Oftentimes, the typical measurements of a standard crate won’t fit the unique item you need to transport. Our team specializes in custom crating services that address this very issue. We’ll work with you closely to create whatever crating you need to ensure that your item is transported safely. Our crates meet all national and international shipping regulations. 


Let’s say that you need a custom crate built and need a place to store your item(s). We’ve got you covered! We have 50,000 square feet of climate-controlled space for you to store whatever you need while your project is getting completed. As we noted above, storage space is limited in many places due to high demand, but you’re almost guaranteed a spot if you utilize “The Extra Mile”.


It’s finally time to transport your materials to their necessary destination. You are suddenly faced with the seemingly monumental task of deciding on a transportation company to move the item. Not so fast! We also offer transportation services for your large-scale items. We have been providing transportation services out of Knoxville since 1883 and are known for our professional track record. With multiple safety awards under our belt, we can guarantee both the protection, and promptness of your items.

Going the Extra Mile with Rowe Transfer

In 2022, there’s only one company to call if you’re needing to transport large-scale items. Rowe Transfer is dedicated to streamlining and perfecting the supply chain system to help combat some of the difficulties that the industry has faced in the last several years. Utilizing “The Extra Mile” is the smartest move you could make if your business is looking for a stress free, turnkey answer to all of your complicated transport problems. If The Extra Mile is the assistance you need, or you’re in need of just one aspect of our set of services, visit our website, or give us a call at 865-523-0421.