Recently, the team at Cardinal Health in Pittsburgh, PA called on our team to assist in the remediation of their on-site nuclear pharmacy. Below is a photo gallery detailing our transport of their GE Pettrace cyclotron. This unit was used to make the radiopharmaceuticals that they were manufacturing in this facility before the remediation. In total, the system weighs 45,000 lbs. and was installed within a concrete vault inside the building, to prevent contamination.

Cardinal called on our team to remove the equipment and perform the remediation in order to prepare the space for its future uses. Currently, we are working with Ameriphysics—a full-service provider of radiological, environmental, and waste solutions—in order to perform the clean-up, site surveys, and final studies that must be approved by the State of Pennsylvania in order for Cardinal Health to be able to remove their Radioactive Materials License from the facility and turn it back over to the landlord.

Projects of this scale and complexity demand a team with proven expertise in both large material handling and the transport of radioactive, or otherwise potentially harmful equipment and materials. If your facility has a project of this scale on your horizon, click HERE to get in touch with us today to see how we can make the process safe and efficient!