No one enjoys the logistics of moving, especially when it comes to heavy or bulky equipment. Not only is it a complex procedure, but most businesses don’t have the equipment necessary to safely complete such a project. When it comes time for the repair, placement, or replacement of a big piece of machinery on your next industrial project, considering using a rigging service to ensure a safe and seamless execution.

What Is Rigging?

Rigging is a process that involves the securing and maneuvering large or heavy materials with the use of cranes, hoists, and other lifting equipment. There are a variety of relocation scenarios that may require the assistance of a professional rigging and transfer crew to ensure a safe and professional move, such as construction sites, industrial projects, shipyards, the moving medical equipment, airplane components, and any other large piece of machinery. Professional riggers are the people who design and install the rolling, lifting, and support equipment needed to move the material in question.

Why Is Proper Rigging Important?

The relocation or installation of anything large or heavy can be a dangerous task. For any industrial project, safety is at the forefront of any procedure, particularly rigging and transfer. Not only do you run the risk of damaging expensive equipment with failure to rig and secure a load properly, but riggers, employees, and other workers nearby are exposed to potential risks and injury. Rigging mistakes and accidents are often caused by the lack of proper planning, missed equipment inspections, damaged or old rigging materials, or not using properly rated equipment to move heavier components. Using a competent and professional rigging company is the best way to move your project along safely and in a timely and efficient manner.

What Process Ensures a Proper Transfer?

Once you’ve found a rigging company to take on your project, there are a series of steps taken to ensure safety and peace of mind during the transfer. This starts before any equipment is brought in, during a professional consultation. This conversation includes talking about any “roadblocks” along the way, such as doorways, stairs, windows, small hallways, etc.

After the initial consultation, the rigging manager and crew will conduct a site visit if deemed necessary. This ensures a proper plan being put into place, taking into consideration any hazards found during the consult. Creating a plan includes the breakdown and rebuild processes of equipment that may need to be taken apart to be moved, ensuring the location and accessibility of necessary moving equipment, and any other logistics. Crating (if necessary) and transport of the material is then initiated, and the process is finished after the safe delivery and installation of cargo, when the area is put back in place and cleaned up. Each and every step of this process is required to ensure a safe and efficient transfer for your project. Don’t be tempted to cut any corners, as rigging and transfer mistakes can not only be expensive, but dangerous. Never compromise on safety!

Rowe Transfer—The Answer to All Your Rigging and Transfer Needs

Heavy equipment owners and industrial project managers can rest assured that their cargo is safe and secure in the hands of our rigging experts at Rowe Transfer. For over 130 years, Rowe has developed to meet the changing needs of the transfer industry—from the horse drawn wagons of last century to the most innovative, modern machinery we currently operate.

Whether your upcoming projects involves moving a two-ton piece of medical equipment through a window of a high-rise or an entire factory assembly line moving across the country, Rowe Transfer is the rigging, crating, and transport company that can handle every step of the job.

Ran into a project delay and need to store your equipment? We also offer storage and warehousing services, for anything big or small, at our state of the art 50,000 square foot facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. Request your quote or contact our team today to schedule a consultation for your next project. We’re here to move you!