Knoxville, Tennessee has become a premier partner in enhancing women’s health this April with the addition of an extremely special early breast cancer detection machine by Koning. So how does one move an imaging device that takes up a 10×14 ft. room? You call a company with over 100 years of moving, crating, and rigging experience that specializes in highly complex jobs. The Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center (KCBC) and medical imaging company Koning, called upon Rowe Transfer for help transporting and installing the first Koning 3D KBCT diagnostic breast imaging device in the United States.

The Equipment

Women in East Tennessee will now have access to an extremely advanced methodology of visualizing and evaluating breast tissue, in an effort to increase earlier intervention and treatment of breast cancer. The equipment offers a more effective and efficient breast imaging while eliminating compression, significantly reducing the exposure dose and improving the patient’s overall breast imaging experience. The KBCT breast imaging system is special in its ability to provide accurate imaging of women with denser tissue layers.

The Move

In order to transport the KBCT machine, the Rowe Transfer team partnered up with Koning field application engineers in order to completely disassemble the machine and move from a Koning bus and into the Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center on Dowell Springs Blvd. Because we took apart the imaging system, the transport involved simple front-end forklifts and good old fashion Rowe Transfer muscle.

The Future

Rowe Transfer is honored to be able to apply its in-depth knowledge of and experience with transport, rigging, and warehousing solutions to promote women’s health and breast cancer awareness in Tennessee. We’re also hopeful that by assisting to install this innovative technology into an FDA certified mammogram facility in the Southeastern US, that millions of women will have improved survival rates and outcomes.

Specialized Transport

At Rowe Transfer, we love what we do, and even smaller tasks, such as this job, are a reminder that every project we do is different.  Have a machine we could move for you?  Let us do the heavy lifting!  Give us a call at 865-523-0421 or toll-free at 1-888-377-ROWE (7693) or contact us HERE.