If you’re a truck driver then you’re aware that you have several options when obtaining a new truck driving job. The type of route you drive will most likely be the main deciding factor on which driving job you take. Here are a few considerations that will help those of you who are on the fence as to what is the best type of route for you and if you should take a dedicated truck driving position. As a dedicated driver, you’ll have predetermined, regular routes. You are assigned or dedicated to one account/company that you drive and will usually deliver to multiple locations for that account.


As a young man or woman with few responsibilities, the thought of traveling the country while getting paid to drive is an amazingly attractive proposition. As individuals age, get married, buy homes, and grow their family, the prospect of being gone several weeks on end seems less enticing. As priorities change, many individuals enjoy the thought of driving the same route each day and/or delivering freight for one dedicated customer account on a variety of lanes. If you value consistent time at home and more consistent pay, driving a dedicate route is probably best of you.


For drivers wanting a little more adventure and uncertainty out of their trucking job, you should investigate becoming a Regional or OTR (Over-the-Road) Driver. OTR routes are the longest type, typically exceeding 500 miles. Because OTR drivers are paid by the mile, these types of truck driving jobs are typically higher paying. Additionally, OTR routes are highly varied, meaning you won’t get bored with driving the same route over and over.

Regional Driving Jobs are very similar to OTR, but with routes that are restricted to a certain part of the country. With regional driving, you can expect to go anywhere within your region and be gone for 1-3 weeks at a time.

Local Driving Jobs are just what the name implies. You’ll stay within your county or within surrounding counties. These types of positions are like a 9 to 5 job where you’re home at night and will usually be paid hourly versus by the mile. Because of the hourly pay structure, local drivers don’t always earn as much as dedicated drivers do.


Rowe Transfer is currently hiring dedicated drivers who have some truck driving experience and are committed to quality and safety. When joining Rowe Transfer as a dedicated driver, you’ll enjoy some of the best pay per mile in the industry and have a regular schedule. If you’re interested in joining a well-seasoned team of professionals while earning top dollar, apply to our dedicated driver position today for immediate and confidential consideration.   If you’d like to learn more contact us by calling 865-523-0421 or online HERE.