Manufacturing companies, no matter the industry, can be incredibly profitable businesses in almost any financial climate. In industries like food and beverages, medicine, or electronics, manufacturing is the backbone that makes companies profitable.

Your heavy machinery, however, is what helps your company operate efficiently. Regardless of the task, it’s critically important that you get the most production and highest quality from your equipment. That means there are several situations where moving your equipment is essential to your growth.

Reasons You Might Need to Move Your Heavy Machinery

  • Replacing machinery

It’s tempting to push your equipment to keep producing until its absolute limit, but this can often result in a mistake. Old machinery that doesn’t produce as well as it once did could be costing you money, from energy costs to repairs to decreasing productivity. So, you’re going to need to replace aging machinery to continue growing your business.

Aging machinery can also present a safety hazard in the workplace. It can injure employees and damage other machines if bits or parts are dislodged. Trying to squeeze just a little more time from old equipment isn’t worth the downsides.

  • Relocation

Is your business outgrowing its space? Are you looking for a facility with lower rent and overhead costs? Relocating your operation may be in your future, which means moving or replacing your equipment. Rather than spending the money to buy new machinery, you may need to consider hiring a professional rigging company to transfer your heavy equipment.

  • Company expansion

Are you looking to expand your operation? That’s a great sign of a healthy, thriving business, but you could need new equipment and processes. You may not have space to house these devices. To stay efficient and keep your employees safe, you may need to move some heavy machinery.

  • Rearranging facility

Finding exactly the right layout for your production floor can be tricky. But as your company grows, rearranging your facility could be a difference-maker toward making your business as profitable as possible.

  • Company downsizing

If your company has slowed in its growth and you need to downsize, you may need to sell equipment or find cost-effective ways to meet your manufacturing goals. If your company is eliminating whole departments, you may be getting rid of some heavy machinery altogether.

  • Equipment upgrade

Technology continues to progress at a blistering pace, which means your essential machinery may have a difference-making upgrade before you even get to know the equipment you already have. Rather than get left behind by your competitors, you may need to upgrade regularly to have the latest equipment on hand.

Why you need a professional mover

So, if one of these or another reason ultimately causes you to decide to move your heavy machinery, it’s essential to hire a professional who understands how to tackle this type of project. Here are four reasons using a professional rigging company is the best decision for your business.

  • Risk of injury

You know your machinery, and you know how heavy and cumbersome it is. Regardless of your reason for moving, it’s going to be very dangerous for your staff members to try and move it. The result could be possible injuries to one of your employees and a financial cost to you.

By hiring a rigging company, trained professionals can safely move your machinery by following their protocols.

  • Strain on company equipment

Moving heavy machinery takes specialized equipment that can securely handle the load of moving something of that weight safely. If your equipment fails while moving your machinery, that could result in damage to important parts of your manufacturing business.

With a professional rigging company, qualified machinery moving contractors have the right rigging equipment at their disposal to safely relocate and protect your machinery during the move.

  • Insurance

As a business owner for a manufacturing company, you’ve taken the proper steps to insure your business. However, damage incurred during your attempts to move that equipment may not be covered.

Veteran contractors with experience moving and rigging heavy machinery will have the necessary insurance coverage to ensure everything is covered in the rare instance that an accident may occur.

  • Time savings

While you’re trying to continue growing your business, moving heavy machinery is not only a physical strain on your staff and equipment but a time killer as well. Instead of having your staff completing the tasks they do well for your organization, moving equipment takes them away from the skill set they bring to your team.

With a qualified rigging company, the tasks are completed quickly and efficiently while your staff continues working on what helps your company grow.

A Transportation Company Ready to Move Your Heavy Equipment

If you’re ready to move valuable heavy machinery, don’t take the risk to your company’s safety and waste time trying to tackle this type of project on your own. At Rowe Transfer, we understand just how important your equipment is to your company’s success, and that’s why we’ll bring our years of expertise and experience to move your heavy machinery. We’ll provide a detailed plan so you know exactly what to expect, and then get the job done efficiently so you can get back to running and growing your business.

Rowe Transfer has over a century of experience helping individuals and companies transport some of the largest machines on earth. We have the expert and knowledgeable staff, the heavy-duty equipment, and the trucks, logistics, and planning capabilities you need to move your valuable machinery and ensure that it arrives at its new destination safely and on time. Contact us today for a free quote or to learn more about our transportation, rigging, crating, and warehousing capabilities. You can reach us by phone at (865) 523-0421 or online at our contact page.