Crating is the process of building and packaging your company’s heavy equipment or products so that it can be safely transported to its next location. But what companies need crating? More than you think! Below are the top industries that can benefit from crating their products or equipment in some way. 

1. Semiconductors

Groups that produce semiconductors benefit many businesses in major ways. Their products power everything from auto plants, to computers, and even the websites that businesses use to reach their customers. However, with a shortage of semiconductors on the market right now, this product has become a vital piece of equipment that must be handled with care. It is important to protect your semiconductors whether they are being stored or shipped—which is where we come in.  

Transportation companies like ours build customized crates for fragile items to further ensure their safety while they are being shipped. Our in-house engineers use innovative technology and the latest software while working with you to help craft the ideal crate for your product. No item is too big, too small, or too fragile, so you can trust that your semiconductors will be in great hands.  

2. Data Centers and Servers 

Data servers are powerful computers that are vital to helping any company that uses technology in some way run smoothly. They store all sorts of important technological information that ranges from website code to private customer information. Massive data centers safely store these servers in an ideal location with plenty of security. Sometimes, though, these centers must move or make more space for new servers. When this happens, they cannot just call together a team of employees to move these servers—they are far too heavy; and if someone were to accidentally drop them, the damage would be costly. 

A rigging team like ours specializes in moving heavy equipment like data servers, so you can rest assured that we will take these important items safely from the data center and back to our facility for custom crating and shipment. Our engineers also can build for your products crates that have vapor barriers and other protective services to ensure the safety of your items during shipment. This can be especially useful for protecting your servers against the elements while they are being shipped or moved around.  

3. Medical Equipment 

CT scanners, X-ray machines, and MRIs all play a vital role in keeping hospitals and medical offices running smoothly and helping patients receive quality care and vital health information. Keeping these pieces of equipment in best condition also helps to keep doctors and patients safe. But what happens when these pieces of medical equipment need to be replaced, or when new ones need to be shipped out? This is where the services of our transportation company can be beneficial. 

Getting these pieces of equipment safely where they need to go needs to be handled by a crating company like ours; and trust us when we say we take safety seriously here at Rowe Transfer. Our rigging team and driving team do regulatory checks on all our shipments throughout the crating and transportation process to ensure that both the crate quality and product quality are being handled correctly.  

4. Security Devices 

Fragile alarms and surveillance cameras as well as bulky safes and metal detectors are all costly to ship and produce. You do not want these items to be tampered by the elements…or the wrong hands. At Rowe Transfer, we have been trusted to handle all types of shipments for over 100 years. We take pride in this and keep it at the heart of our reputation and everything that we do. You can trust us to make sure that all your security devices will be crated safely by the honest hands of our employees.  

5. Solar and Energy 

Sustainable energy, such as solar powered and wind powered energy, is steadily on the rise in America. However, with only so many plants to produce turbines and solar panels, it is important that not a single part is wasted or broken—especially since renewable energy is such a large investment to make.  

We want to ensure that your product is shipped as safely as possible which is why we have our one call, one quote, one job policy in place for customers. Our team of engineers will work directly with you to help design the perfect crate for your wind turbines or solar panels which will then be passed along to our rigging team to load up our trucks and then get your product shipped where it needs to go. It’s all handled by one team with no outside interference, so you can trust that we will keep a close eye on your product every step of the way to its destination.  

6. Consumer Goods 

Perhaps you are the owner of a company that makes packaged food and beverages that need to be stored before they are shipped to grocery stores and restaurants. Not only can our expert crew build an ideal create for your products, but we can also store them in our climate-controlled warehouses until your shipment is ready to go out. You can work with our warehouse team directly to decide how much square footage you need, the ideal temperature for your products, and even what size racks you may need to store bulky items that are hard to secure. And with our 24/7 security surveillance and monitoring systems, you can trust that all your inventory will be sent out exactly where it needs to go when you’re ready to have it shipped.  

7. Electronics 

Motherboards, computers, and monitors are several types of electronics that are not easy to ship due to their weight or unusual size. Luckily for you, our team of expert crating engineers can use the latest software to come up with an ideal crate to suit the security for all your electronics and provide an accurate estimate for the cost of building this crate. No size shipment is too big or too small for us!  

8. Aviation 

New planes as well as plane parts are necessary for keeping pilots and passengers safe and secure on their new flight. But, in a similar way to electronics and renewable energy, these parts are heavy, bulky, and hard to secure. This is where Rowe Transfer can help. Our expert rigging crew can get these heavy items off the lot in an efficient and integrous manner and back to our headquarters where our engineers can get to work on getting these plane parts crated and ready for shipment.  

9. Automotive 

Like aviation, car parts such as batteries, engines, and motors all need to be carefully handled and stored for shipment since they are planning on being used later. If any of these pieces are broken, it could lead to a fatal accident or injury for a driver which could be detrimental to your company’s reputation. Trust our crating team to get the job done the right way for you. Our engineers specialize in building crates for multi-shaped items that are difficult to secure with a normal crate. 

Custom Crating in East Tennessee

Perhaps you do not work in any of the fields we’ve mentioned, but still have items that present similar shipping challenges to the ones mentioned above. No matter what industry you work for, no matter what size shipment you have, Rowe Transfer is ready to serve you. With over 100 years of experience serving the Knoxville community and beyond, we can honestly say that here at Rowe Transfer we are more than prepared to help you conquer your next transportation project with our expert rigging crew, crate engineers, heavy haul drivers, and spacious warehouses. Call today at 865-523-0421 or visit our “contact” page on our website to find out how one call, one quote, and one job with us will take care of all your transportation needs.