When your shipping certain products, machinery, and equipment, it becomes necessary to use custom crating in order to protect your shipment from damage.  Knowing when to use custom crating, and when to use standard packaging for your shipment can be slightly elusive. Here are a few tips to help you decide whether it’s time to contact a custom crate builder nearby.

Situations Needing Custom Crating

In the US, the standard shipping pallet is 48 in. X 40 in. And serves the transportation of the majority of items shipped today. However, if you have an item that is too large to fit on a standard pallet, you’ll need to have a customized one created for it.

Furthermore, if your product exceeds the recommended weight limit for a standard pallet (around 2,200 lbs.), you’ll certainly need a custom pallet built in order to provide the extra support. Having a heavy-duty pallet built will not only protect your cargo but also ensure the safety of those handling the shipment.

Additionally, you may need to have a custom crate solution created in order to optimize warehouse space. The traditional pallet doesn’t always lend itself to the best fit inside a warehouse or shipping container, and thus this consideration may lend itself to needing a custom crate built.

Products that Need Custom Crating

So, what are some typical items needing customized crating? We put together a quick list of items we commonly see which require customized crating.

Farming Equipment

Tractors, combines, plows, feeders, and other types of farming equipment tend to be both large and heavy and thus need custom crating. Creating a custom crating solution for farm equipment will ensure that it ships without damage and is easier to move and handle.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment

Industrial sized kitchen equipment such as refrigeration units, ranges, and ovens will usually also need custom crating solutions to prevent damage and for safe handling.

Truck Parts

Large parts such as engines or transmissions for tractor trailers are normally cumbersome to move and transport. Their added weight also makes them a prime candidate for a customized crating solution that compensates for this and their size.

Other Precious Cargo

In some situations, the standard version of packing and shipping items, may not lend itself to the greatest peace of mind. When shipping items such as customized motorcycles, antique furniture, large musical instruments such as pianos, sensitive electronic equipment, or large, highly breakable materials, you may want to opt for a customized crate solution which protects your expensive or valuable possessions.

Benefits to Using Custom Crating

Custom crating solutions are typically built from wood and come in countless different styles and variations. It goes without saying that using containers made of wood give added protection during shipping and handling of your items. When employing a professional transportation company, you’ll typically receive the assistance of an in-house packaging department to help you create a crate that is custom built for your item. By hiring a professional crating company, you’ll also be made aware of all regulations concerning the shipment of your goods.

Where Can I Have a Custom Crate Built?

When your items are too large, too heavy, or need extra protection, having a custom crating solution designed and built offers you the ability to guarantee safety and to protect your cargo from damage. Whether you’re preparing to ship domestically or internationally, Rowe Transfer has an in-house engineering department that will utilize the latest software to design, build, and package your precious cargo. Contact us today for a custom crating quote online or at 865-523-0421.