Picture this: The incredibly large, very high tech, very important, and very expensive piece of equipment your company centers its production around needs to be moved to your new facility in order for your business to grow. It’s been in that location since the company began, everything inside the facility has been organized around it, and now your space is maxed out.

Just looking at that behemoth of a machine creates a pit of dread in your stomach. You have put off dealing with it for weeks, and now it’s time. The transportation logistics of moving your heavy equipment alone feels overwhelming.

You call around to find different businesses who can help with your situation, but each company can only help with one aspect of your move. This leaves you calling for quotes from multiple providers for each step of moving your heavy equipment on top of every other aspect of transitioning your company to a new location.

If you have owned or worked for a manufacturing business for a long time, odds are you have been in this situation before, and you’re probably feeling that same pit in your stomach.

We all could use a little extra help these days, and that is especially true for small business owners working in the manufacturing sector. On top of the daily routine of business, moving heavy equipment to another location and the transportation logistics surrounding a project of that magnitude can be daunting. Moving heavy equipment can also be dangerous if not done properly.

That’s why we offer “The Extra Mile” by Rowe Transfer. Don’t waste time shopping around for multiple companies to provide service for individual steps in your moving process. Let the professionals handle every step of this project with our soup to nuts, a to z, turnkey service that takes care of your entire move.

All you need to do is tell us about the unique needs of your individual project, and we’ll work with you to create a customized plan of services that gets your business back up and running.

What is “The Extra Mile”?

With The Extra Mile, we’re providing a service that goes above and beyond. We’re here to handle every aspect of your move, whether it’s heavy equipment across your facility or moving your facility across town. From planning to execution to storage, we’ll guide you through every step.

Transportation brokerage

You need a plan to execute your project. If you’re transporting large machinery from one facility to another, you need a plan to move that equipment through a variety of roadways. If you’re moving your machinery to another location within your facility, you need a detailed plan to protect your investment. Let us create the logistical plan so you can be sure your project is in compliance with local regulations and operating with the highest levels of safety. We specialize in loads that are too large or difficult for other companies. We also have refrigerated trailers for when your cargo needs to remain cold. Rowe Transfer has been given several awards for safety, so you can trust your shipment will arrive on time and undamaged. This service alone could save you considerable time and transportation costs.


Your several-ton, expensive piece of machinery needs highly specialized equipment and an experienced team to transport it safely. With the transportation logistics established, you’re ready to get your heavy equipment prepared for moving. We’ve got the tools to dismantle and transport even the most highly sensitive, high-tech machinery. We’re one of the few companies worldwide licensed to move a cyclotron, a type of particle accelerator, so you can confidently trust we can handle whatever type of equipment you need to be moved.


Shipping internationally and need custom crating for your equipment? We know many of our clients have a reach that goes far beyond selling to local customers and vendors. At Rowe Transfer, we have a wide range of options to fit your shipping needs. No matter the size, shape, or volume of what you need to ship, a custom crate can be designed to hold a large volume of items or one very large singular item. Our crates are also designed to meet national and international shipping regulations, so you can trust your cargo will meet its destination safely and free of logistical issues.


If you’re short on room at your company or need to store equipment during a moving project, Rowe Transfer has more than 50,000 square feet of warehousing space available to hold and protect your valuable assets. We’ll protect your equipment with 24/7 security monitoring, video surveillance, access controls, and a gated entrance guarding our HVAC and humidity-controlled facility.

Moving Heavy Machinery and Equipment in Knoxville, TN

Don’t get stuck searching for multiple providers for your complex transition to a new location. You have a business to build and grow. Instead of adding on another task, you need a partner during this transition who can plan and work with your needs while operating within your budget. Rowe Transfer is a transportation company based out of Knoxville, TN, that specializes in moving heavy equipment that is too big or difficult for most transportation companies to handle. With more than 100 years of experience in industrial manufacturing equipment relocation and business relocation, we know how to handle business transportation projects and we’re ready to work with you.

Contact us today at 865-523-0421 or toll-free at 1-888-377-ROWE (7693) to find out how we can make your business relocation smooth, safe, and trouble-free.