Facing a national move? An entire company transport? Rigging, crating, and transporting your business is no small task. Shipping parts from one part of the country, state, or city to another requires precise attention to logistics and employing the best moving vendors. Ensure that your commercial relocation job is safe when it leaves and when it arrives by employing experts in the field.

What Does It Take to Move an Entire Company?

Businesses outgrow their current facilities all the time, but what does it take to move to a new facility?  It’s more than packing up a few boxes and throwing them in the back of a moving van.  It’s carefully planning the move of expensive heavy machinery, mass amounts of other equipment, and the placement of the items in the new facility.  Does your current facility involve moving the equipment down or up any stairs?  This, too, must be taken into consideration.  A well thought out and laid out plan from the beginning will help minimize downtime.


Each rigging project is unique, and the solutions set forward must follow suite.  Forklifts can be utilized to move your heavy equipment, and larger lifts have lift capabilities of up to 50 tons.  Jacks, or screw jacks/jackscrews, are useful when navigating your heavy equipment through tight spaces.  Your facility move should be done as efficiently and safely as possible.


Moving across the state, country, or even world?  Crating your machinery and equipment may be needed.  Crates, or pallets, can be custom designed and made to fit your needs and ensure your materials make it to their next location safely.  Worried about shipping restrictions and laws?  No need.  Each crate will meet the rules and regulations needed for the location you are sending it to.  Crating solutions should be made to prevent damage and ensure your materials are protected during transport.


To prevent downtime for your facility, transportation of your machinery and equipment should be executed in a timely manner.  What if you have an oversized load? No need to worry.  Working with a company that has years of experience in the transportation industry will leave you confident that your facility’s goods will arrive on time and undamaged.

An Example of Rowe Transfer’s Work: Lokar Performance Products

Lokar Performance Products began in 1988 in a Southern California garage. Today, the company works to supply premier parts to muscle cars, hot rods, race cars, and dragsters. Lokar initiated a move to East Tennessee in 1992, after the family became enamored with the kindness of residents and the gorgeous location. As the company continued to grow and succeed, a much larger facility was needed.  In 2014, the entire company moved from a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse to their pristine 52,000 sq. ft. location in Knoxville, Tennessee.  This was no small feat. In addition to the large move, Lokar knew they had to move quickly, thus needing an expedited moving process. From crating a warehouse of specialized automotive parts and 16 heavy machines to transporting the equipment, the move was specific and vast. The weight of the machinery alone was 32 tons! However, Lokar found Rowe Transfer. Recognizing that the job could not be completed by just any transportation industry, the owners of Lokar recognized the longstanding reputation of Rowe and hired them to complete the move of their entire machine shop and automotive part operation. The move was safely completed in just two weeks, down to every last bolt. When the equipment arrived at the new facility there was minimal downtime, as the move had been executed in such a way as to maximize efficiency.

Planning Large Industrial and Manufacturing Business Relocation

Regardless of the situation, Rowe can assist you with your next move. Rowe Transfer is more than qualified to conquer large, industrial manufacturing moves. If your manufacturing operation is relocating, find out how easy it can be to move your entire business. Rowe Transfer is a 135-year-old company leading the industry in professional crating, rigging, warehousing, and transportation service and solutions. Over one hundred years of business combined with a fleet of trucks and an in-house engineering department makes Rowe Transfer the best-equipped company to support moving industrial manufacturing equipment, or in the case of Lokar Performance Products…an entire manufacturing operation. Give us a call at 865-523-0421 or toll-free at 1-888-377-ROWE (7693) or contact us HERE.