Commercial truck drivers are needed as the industry shifts into an era utilizing technological advancements and an updated work environment. A job that was once considered to be arduous, the sector has become an increasingly attractive for many reasons.  The trade lacks almost 900,000 drivers and the average age of commercial truck drivers is 55 and rising rapidly. There is growing concern that as qualified drivers retire, there will not be enough drivers to replace them. Have you been considering what it could be like to drive a truck full time?


Traveling the open road, music playing, windows down, seeing the sights of our beautiful country. This is the life of a commercial driver. Besides the undeniable sense of freedom, there is a significant amount of job security, as the logistics industry relies on its drivers. Salaries start out decent and there is room for growth. A Class A CDL license is required for all truck driving positions and we have information on how you can obtain this license. Drivers can earn additional money by hauling different types of loads, which often may require additional licenses and endorsements. Most of the physical requirements are minimal within the trucking industry anymore, since hood releases and dollies are hydraulic and can be operated with the push of a button.


A career with Rowe Transfer offers work in a unique arena of the trucking industry. Our company does more than just transportation. We take the work that our clients need from start to finish. From crating, rigging and warehousing, a truck driver is a part of more at Rowe. We have overnight and local positions available and flatbed, conestoga, and van openings. If OTR is what you are considering, we desire to have you home most weekends, or at the very least driving through Knoxville. Rowe also offers medical insurance, dental and vision options as benefits. Basic requirements to apply include a high school diploma or equivalent and two years of CDL experience.


Rowe Transfer, Inc is a company with a long, rich history in the transport industry.  Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, we began in 1883 transporting freight from the train station to local businesses using horses and wagons.  We are the second oldest business in Knoxville and take pride in doing a job that is 100% satisfactory for the customer.  Our mission is to provide superior service in a responsible manner at a fair price, and we need talented people to make our mission possible. Sound like the job for you?  Give Vicki a call at 865-384-3585, Tabby at 865-406-5260, or apply online.