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    Rowe Transfer
    5320 South National Drive
    Knoxville, TN 37914

    Knoxville Phone: (865) 523-0421
    Toll-Free: (888) 377-ROWE (7693)
    Email: sales@rowetransfer.com
    Dispatch - 865-243-2161
  • Welcome to Rowe Transfer Inc.

    Since 1883, Rowe Transfer has been moving American Industry. Then, as now, our professional staff stands ready to provide unique solutions for each of your rigging, crating or transportation projects.

    Our commitment is to you and your satisfaction and we won’t let gears grind when it comes to moving you forward. Our sales force is dedicated and knows what it takes because they are speaking from experience and have done the work themselves. They can provide you with estimates for anything you need done but more importantly answer your questions so you understand fully what needs to be done and you can make an informed decision of what you want done. We undergo continuous education in all modalities trucking, international shipping/crating and rigging and feel that our experience can provide peace of mind to our clients and this is why your business is also ours.